Ben Meskine
Special Characteristics: 
A large sheep with heavy bones, long neck (sometimes with dewlap) and prominent shoulders. The coat colour is white or yellowish white with pigmented legs. The fleece is closed, with dense square locks; the face and legs are bare. Facial profile is convex and the horns are heavy (Mason, 1967; Bourfia, 1989).
Main Location: 
This breed inhabits the western plateaux of Morocco (Race des plateaux de l'Ouest), specifically the districts of Kasba Tadla, Oued Zem and El Borouj. The breed population is sub-divided into the large Tadla and the smaller Ben Meskine, with the latter sometimes classified as a variety of the former. This is further complicated by the presence of intermediate interbred between the tadla and the Berber; these are the Zaian, Middle Atlas, Rehamma-Srarhna and Zembrane. The pure form of the breed is declining in numbers owning to expansion of cultivation land in its breeding area (Mason, 1967; Bourfia, 1989).