Special Characteristics: 
The breed has a distinct black pigmentation of the skin around eyes and nose, hence it is called 'spectacled' (a lunettes, in French). Otherwise the coat color is white. It is a large animals with long drooping ears; the horns are long, spiral horns. The white coat colour combined with the spiral horns make this breed attractive for celebrating the Abraham event, which probably encouraged spread of the breed including for crossbreeding with the Tadla sheep (Bourfia, 1989).
Main Location: 
This breed may be found on the plateau regions (Phosphatier) of Morocco.
This breed was developed through genetic selection from the Ben Maskine breed. The breed has been subjected to a selection programme through a breed society with 56 000 ewes involved in 280 farms; out of these 13511 ewes in 40 flocks were register in the Flock Book in 1987. There is a selection station for the breed at Kra Kra (Bourfia, 1989; Guessous et al., 1989).