Ben Guil

Beni Guil; Petit Oranais; Hamra; Hamyan; Harcha; Race des Plateaus de l'Est; Beniguil; Daghma; Tounfite; Tounsint.
Special Characteristics: 
Good mutton conformation, short neck, straight top line, rounded flank, well-developed thigh (Mason, 1967).
Main Location: 
This breed mainly inhabits the eastern plateaux of Morocco, and it has similarities with the Tadla sheep in the west of the mountains. Its distribution is bounded roughly by longitudes 32 and 35 degrees and latitude 3 degrees west. This includes the clacareous high plateaux in the north at an altitude of 900-1500 m and part of the sandy pre-Saharan zone to the south. Westwards its distribution extends into the Haut Plateaux of Algeria in the south-west of Oran especially around Marnia, Sebdou and Tendrara. Its influence is recorded as far east as Mecheria. In Algeria this breed is called Hamyan and carries some Arab blood (Mason, 1967).
As a sheep breed of finer wool quality, it may have received some genetic influence of wool type sheep from Spain (Ryder, 1984). Otherwise its origin traces back to the introduction of the thin-tailed hairy sheep into Africa from western Asia. In Algeria this breed is believed to have some Algerian Arab blood.