Damana; Demnan; Demmane; Demane; Tafilalet
Special Characteristics: 
This breed is prolific and reproduces all year round in both Morocco and Algeria. It is known for its hardiness in harsh environments and survives well under Sahelian conditions. (Mason, 1996).
Main Location: 
This breed inhabits the oases of southern Morocco and the Wadi Saorua Valley of south Algeria in the Sahel. Particularly in Morocco, it is found south of the high Atls in the valleys of Draa (south-west), Ziz (south-east), and Dads (between the two regions) (Guessous et al., 1989).
Origin is unclear yet, but it appears to have evolved in isolation in the oases of southern Morocco and south Algaria with some genetic influences from the Thin-tailed hair sheep of sub-Saharn Africa and the thin-tailed coarse wool sheep of north Africa, especially the Berber of the Maghreb (Devendra and McLeroy, 1982). The name D'Man comes from the general black colour of the breed, although animals can be black, brown, white, or variegated (Guessous et al., 1989).